Settings for The Velvet Prison, The Satin Sash and The SilkSwan

All three of my books were set primarily in New York with diverting narrative in Paris and London. The Velvet Prison takes place before World War II followed by The Satin Sash taking place during World War II and The Silk Swan takes place after World. War II continuing to the last days of the Berlin Wall. I have placed my characters in the various time zones and to do that I have tried to be fairly accurate as to the historical events themselves, placing my characters in the action.
The clothing, restaurants, plays and musicals as well as the theaters and other physical locations are accurate as to the various time periods, but I have exercised my imagination as to the action of my characters, of course, and this is the hall mark of historical fiction. Many of the characters were real and a I thoroughly enjoyed adding my perspective to their lives. As a result, the fictional loves and lives of my characters fit in to the historical perspectives creating the physical movement through each novel. Yet, the novels were written as stand-alone novels, and although its preferable, do not have be read in order of their publication.

My characters in my imaginations have taken on a fictional life of their own, and each of them, their thoughts, feelings and ambitions match their individual personalities. They have become my family and I care about them. I hope the reader does as well.

Sheldon Friedman